Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Memphis: Baby Edition

Greetings! We're in the land of Hardee's and Kroger, which also means we're in the land of BABIES! This year, our two stars are babies Josh and Carter, cousins that are a few months apart.

Baby Josh looks suspiciously like a precious moments doll, and could probably conjure up excitement out of antimatter itself, if it came down to it. Behold:

Then, there is baby Carter, a child with ice in his veins, cool as a cucumber. We can strap him into a high chair and he will calmly sit there for approximately 20 minutes. Without food. Just...sitting there. Due to his stoicism and utter unflappability, his nickname is Mr. President.

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  1. what a great Christmas with everyone home. And next year will be even better with more babies on the way.