Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Glimpse of Whim

I GOT A PHONE IN WHICH A CAMERA IS INSTALLED!!!! That means that I can take pictures ANYWHERE that I take my phone!!! This blog is going to be a whole lot more awesome, because I'm going to open up my WHOLE LIFE to you through images!!!! This will be presented in installments, in a serious I'd like to call * <3 Julia Rehder's World of Whimsy <3 *© 

The first in the series is below:
{@~ Live. Laugh. Love. Cubicle. ~@}

Kleenex? Where art thou?
Poms. Always.
A place of respite for the weary developer.
Food graveyard.
My comforting alabaster chunk.
Computer accessory graveyard
Refuse. Waste. The end.

All because two people fell in love.

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