Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Typical Monday Night

The Scene: Waiting in the drive-through line at the Walgreen's pharmacy. I'm in the driver's seat, Sloan is in the passenger's seat.

Sloan: Hey, baby?
Julia: Yeah ba-
Sloan: *FAAAAAAAAAAART* *grin*
Julia: *poker face* Yes? *ignoring fart* Were you going to say something?
Sloan: *grin*
Julia:  *contorted face* GAH! It smells like rancid taco meat!!! *gag* *unlocks doors* GET OUT OF THE CAR!!
Sloan: *scoffs* No way. You get out.
Julia: *rolls down Sloan's window, locks windows*
Sloan: Come ON! Roll it up! It's 13 degrees outside!!
Julia: No, you deserve this. *self-satisfied grin*
Sloan: *lunges for car horn*
Julia: *karate chop* DON'T HONK IT!!! The people in front of us will think we're rude!!!!!!
Sloan: *serious face* Then roll up the window, Julia.
Julia: *begrudgingly rolls up window* Fine, but I'm only doing thi-


  1. Blogs are so good for sweet revenge :) Take that Sloan!

  2. Jared loves to fart and burp in the car, they both smell real bad, I'm sorry for your pain as well!

  3. Try to look on the bright side, at least it wasn't a burning smell...

  4. This is my new favorite post!