Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Tooth in the Land of Technology

Last week at work, I was asked to start holding a series of meetings with a few of the engineers that none of us would really like to attend. Because I had to be the bearer of bad news, I decided to drop by a local bakery on my way to the office and bring the developers some delicious pastries to win over their simple little computer-loving hearts (kinda like bringing pizza to a sophomore English class).

DELISH! AmIright? I took this picture when I got into the office and attached it in an email so that I could lure them to the conference room. I had already eaten two cookies in the car.

At the meeting...
Nerdy Programmer: Yeeeeeeeeeees! Thanks, Julia!
Julia: *mumble* *grunt*
Soviet Programmer: You holdeeng two croissants een...each haynd?
Julia: *chewing* What? No! *throws croissants under table* I was holding them for Bashful...
Bashful Programmer: You have...some...powdered sugar...*gestures toward chin*
Julia: Oh, hehe! Thanks *wipes off chin*
Bashful Programmer: And, um...*gestures toward cheek*
Julia: *rubs cheek with sleeve* Oh man, I am just a mess! *folds cannoli in half, shoves in mouth*
Bashful Programmer: And, you have some on your back....somehow...
Snarky Programmer: How long have you been alone with these pastries, Julia? Looks like there has been a lot of damage done.
Julia: *chewing* *evil eye*
Snarky Programmer: Well? It looks like there are some distinctive donut grease prints in the box...but no donuts...
Julia: *throws hands up in the air* Well it looks like Snarky isn't getting any baked goods! Anyone else wanna make a comment? What about you, Bashful? Nerdy?
Snarky Programmer: *huff*
Bashful Programmer: *stares at feet*
Soviet Programmer: Een Moskva, I make feesh rolls! I breeng some next meeting!
Julia: There we go! That's the spirit!

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