Monday, February 28, 2011


Ultrasound Lady: Okay, mommy, are ya ready?
Julia: *fist pump* Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Ultra-SOUND! Ultra-SOUND!
Ultrasound Lady: Wow! That's...enthusiasm!
Sloan: Baby, you're embarrassing me.
Ultrasound Lady: *squirt* Okay, here we go. Here's your baby! SO cute!
Sloan: *head tilt* Awwww....?
Julia: What angle is this from?
Ultrasound Lady: Oh, it's the baby's profile! Here, I'll readjust. Here is the top of its head!
Ultrasound Lady: Oooh! Look at that little noggin! And you can see the little hands up by the ears...
Julia: Haaaaands....*squint* Cuuuuuute? *sideways glance at Sloan*
Ultrasound Lady: Here are the little legs!!!!
Ultrasound Lady: Aaaaaaand, here's the big moment. Look right can see the sex....see?? Congratulations!
Sloan: *confused happy clap* Yaaaay...? *squint*

EDIT: Oh, yeah. It's a boy. My little man and I are going to have a littlest man.


  1. too funny. so does this mean you're having a boy???!! :)

  2. Looks just like Sloan. Congratulations.

  3. Jason Richard-Darth-Vance-Matt Rehder....good name.

  4. POM-POM! You are the greatest! And congratulations that the youngest Rehder man is having the first boy, way to go!

  5. @Laura: That's just silly.

    ...BUT, perhaps you could take the first letter of each name, sprinkle in some vowels as appropriate, and end up with a name that gives lip service to ALL of your male siblings and in-laws. Like: "Jerdiveemer", or "Joridvumuur", or even "Jaerodeauvimeaouir".

    Okay, so maybe you can over-do it with the vowels, but you get the point.

  6. Yay!!!! CONGRATS!! That is SOOO awesome! And hilarious pictures!! I feel like it's one of those "magic eye" things everytime I see an ultra-sound. haha. VERY cool girl!!!

  7. Too funny and too true and hooray! Congratulations on your son!

  8. omh i totally laughed out loud at your remake of an ultrasound picture:) Congrats on the little baby boy!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hold him, im sure you can't either. ok i'm a little baby hungry now:( i totally had a dream last night that i had a baby.