Thursday, March 31, 2011

Craft Attack!!!

Julia: Baaaaaaaaaaabaaaaaaaay! Look what I maaaaaade for the tiny dude's roooooooooooooooooom!
Sloan: Stop yelling in my ear. You're sitting right next to me.
Julia: I did these ON MY OWN! No help from you, Jessica the neighbor, or our apartment's maintenance man this time!

Sloan: Cuuuute pictures, sweetheart. What, um, part did you make?
Julia: Weeeeeeeell, I didn't cut the paper, it already came like that. That CUT my working time in half! GET IT???
Sloan: *ignoring* Ah, and you didn't make the frames...did you?
Julia: Whaaaaaaaa? No! You so cray-cray! I stole these from Walmart!
Sloan: ....
Julia: Not literally. I chose my words poorly.
Sloan: *phew* Good. Because remember, you told me the "staplers from Office Max" incident was an isolated thing. So...did you draw those animals?
Julia: No! This was the most intense part, though. *dramatic pause* I cut these animals out of a swatch of animal birthday fabric. *wide eyes* It took me about 2 hours. 
Sloan: Ahhhh, we both know how difficult cutting along the lines can be for you. Good work! *puts arm around Julia*'re sweaty.
Julia: *sigh* Another day of hard work! *mops forehead with bandanna* This baby is the luckiest baby in the world!!! Hey! Do we have anymore of those chocolate muffins?

I have no segue into the next part of this post, so let's just get going:

Remember YarnFest2K10? Of course you don't. You have better things to worry about. Well, I realized I never posted a follow up. I made yarn garland! YARNLAND! I strung it everywhere. Like here:

And heeeeeeeeeeere:

Whenever people come to my house, they ask me what I'm celebrating by having up such festive garland. WHAT AM I CELEBRATING? I'M CELEBRATING YARN, YOU IDIOTS. 




  1. super cute!! so is this the focal point for the nursery decor? also the yarn garlands make me think of a tex mex restaurant, very festive :)

  2. Yarn is so over. Thanks for ruining yarn.

  3. This is besides the point but your place is so cute! Baby Rehder is a lucky boy!