Friday, April 15, 2011

Think Tank

Now, you probably know by now that I'm a thinker. *taps noggin* I just think, like, constantly. Some people just have those sorts of brains, ones that are always working away on the intricacies of life. And it's the thinkers that have to really get things done in the world. Really, it's a curse, but called to serve, right?

When I rolled out of bed at two this afternoon, I put on my muumuu and got the mail. As I was sorting through it, I thought Why aren't I as ecstatic about an afternoon walk as the lady on the cover of Coldwater Creek's summer catalog? I have sensible slacks and pastel button down shirts. I could wear them if that's the secret. I own sandals that provide arch support while still appearing stylish. I mean, why sacrifice comfort for style? It doesn't have to be that way. *sigh* Just always thinking. I'm trying to break it down for you in a way you'll understand, because things can get pretty abstract in my mind. People say that's how Albert Einstein was, and I believe them, because why else would he have written all of those things on chalkboards? Only thinkers do that.

After that think session, I took a break and napped on the soft rug in our living room. When I woke up, I tried to vacuum the house, but then I thought harder and I'm pretty sure we don't own a vacuum. So then I sat on my bed for a while, yelping occasionally to see if I could feel the baby get startled. He must be like his dad, though, nerves of steel.

After all of that, I turned on my thinker again to come up with a blog post to write. Things got pretty meta. I thought, I read blogs that have cute pictures and boring words below the cute pictures. Those blogs get hundreds of followers who all comment on how fun and cool and pretty the author is. A shallow person might be jealous of their blogs, but I'm not. However, if I ever had the chance to talk to any of those blogs, you know what I would say? Your author may be pretty and nice and able to manage her time well, but you have occasional typos and you lack an intimate fan base of 31 people like me. Or like this guy who has dedicated his intellectual efforts to publish a useful and coherent story arc that has inspired nigh unto 40 people. 

Some thoughts take longer to resolve in my head than others, but my conclusions are always solid.


  1. .....I try to make the words below my cute pictures interesting :( Also my thought processes are very like yours, LOTS of introspection, which leads to some VERY random thoughts and ideas.

  2. It's 32 people now. Ha ha, you have to edit you're post now. And you can copy any of my cute pictures, if you like.

  3. Poor Julia. It's hard to go from Houston High School's "most wittiest" to mere "yet another internet blogger". But don't give up! I'm sure in a few years the numbers of your followers will grow into the hundreds! even thousands!! you just need more cute pictures!