Monday, May 23, 2011

My Post-Vacation To-Do List

1. Untag all photos of me in Hawaii posted by family members on Facebook.
2. Yell at Sloan.
3. Dump suitcase onto floor, sigh really loudly, kick contents under bed.
4. Marvel at the continued smoothness of my week-old waxed armpits.
5. Google "How long after the Sell By date can I eat a yogurt?"
6. Have yogurt taken away by concerned husband.
7. Drive car to work while trying not to breath in through my nose (Mikyn stunk it up on our way to the airport).
8. Tell everyone to "Shut your mouths or I'll sell your children on Ebay" during work meeting.
9. Fall asleep on toilet.
10. Write blog entry!!!

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