Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's My Party!

Julia: *walks in door* *sigh*
Sloan: How was hanging out with Kira?
Julia: *shoulder slump* She wants to throw me a baby shower.
Sloan: *takes off glasses* Oh, my poor baby. What did you say?
Julia: I said okay...I was too chicken to say no.
Sloan: Oh dear. Well, when do you plan on...telling her that you don't really have many...friends?
Julia: I was so close to saying it, baby, so close!!! I just...couldn't get it out. First I tried to get out of it by saying she didn't need to throw me one because having a baby isn't a that big of a deal and that some people end up hating their kids anyway.
Sloan: *shakes head*
Julia: She didn't buy it. So, then I tried to say I was busy on every date that she suggested to have it. But I ran out of ideas after telling her that I had various evening galas to attend, six birthday parties, and that we were going to spend a week at the Annual Shakespeare Festival.
Sloan: Ah...well, so how far into planning this did you get?
Julia: *shuffles feet* I dunno..we're...done planning it. 
Sloan: Done? Well, then, who did you tell her to invite?
Julia: I wrote a list of fake people to bide my time. I think she bought it. Now I just need to find some addresses. 

Sloan: Are all of your fake friends senior citizens? You wrote Rosario twice.
Julia: Those are two different Rosario's, Sloan. *wink* I added that unconventional coincidence so as to make it seem more real. No one writing a fake list of names would put Rosario down twice, it's too risky not to be true.
Sloan: *serious face* Julia, you need to tell Kira that if she goes through with this shower, only four people will probably show up, including you two. I know that's a hard thing to expose, but it's all going to hit the fan anyway on the day of the party.
Julia: Not if I find a way to lure my acquaintances to my house on the same day as the shower and make it look like they came for the party. I was thinking of telling everyone you died on the Alpine Slide and that they need to bring dinner over because I'm really sad. Two birds with one stone!!
Sloan: I'm calling Kira.


  1. PSH!!! If I did not live down in BFE Southeast TX. I would TOTALLY crash your baby shower, WITH a handmade blanket/burp rag set!!! Heck, if I can somehow aquire your address you may STILL end up with a handmade blanket/burp rag set ANYWAYS!

  2. haha if i didn't live in denver i'd love to join :)

  3. Haha. Ahh, you're so entertaining!! I would LOVE to come to your baby shower. I forget - do you know what it is yet?

  4. Don't even try to act like you don't have any friends because everyone LOVES you...including me.

  5. Is this a ploy to get people to invite themselves to your shower ;) It worked, Senneca and I are in.

  6. love it. I'm sending you a box of baby boy clothes... as soon as I stop crying over the fact that my baby boy is too big for them anymore.

  7. i was expecting a funeral! totally disappointed!