Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Showered...BABY STYLE (?)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND we decorated onesies for the fetal Rehder! We had brightly colored paint, cartoon robot appliques, baby lion iron-ons, etc for everyone to use. All of the girls were really into making adorable baby-appropriate stuff; things with, like, teddy bears and baby ducks hugging each other. And little kids holding balloons and waving, you know, that kind of stuff. I just wish I had pictures of all of the cuddly onesies, but oopsie! My, er, camera broke and I couldn't take any photos! *kicks ground* Shucks! Oh well.

How did this get in here? Hehe. Anyway...

Some girls opted to write sweet things on the little baby clothes, stuff like "I love Mommy!" and "Little Slugger." They really put a lot of thought into their themes, like Noah's Ark or a little football player.

What the...? I didn't even upload anything to this post!!

Anyway, designing and decorating the baby's shirts was great fun! And now I have a drawer full of baby clothes for my little man to wear that will have everyone cooing over him!


  1. I hate mine. I'll make you a new one.

  2. I hope it was a fun baby shower! Sounds like it, the onsies idea is really cute.

  3. UH, so considering that my onesie was most awesome I don't understand why it didn't make the cut for the blog post, seriously, pee yellow is the knew baby boy blue.

  4. Why can't grownups where onesies? It should be socially acceptable for me to lounge around the house or make a quick trip to the grocery store in a cute onesie with a clever screen print.