Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My little man (Sloan) is acting out the closer we get to the delivery of littlest man. I've read the parenting books and understand that this is a normal reaction for Sloan, so I'm just letting him work through it in his own ways. I just feel helpless watching him trying so hard to control his emotions in preparation for a new man in the spotlight. Guess all I can do is just keep cheering him on from the sidelines. I'm his number one supporter! Love ya, babe, you can do it!

When Sloan gets especially moody, he resorts to nonverbal communication. This can come in the form of grunts, gestures, and even texting (still counts as nonverbal, right?) It really helps him express himself in a healthy way. For example, one evening while we were both in the living room, he was on the couch and I was on the sofa. Both of us had our phones with us. He was a bit upset with me over an earlier quarrel.

I went ahead and opened the window for my little guy, knowing full well that he was just doing the best he could with all of those feelings bouncing around inside. What can I say? I'm really humble and patient.

Every night before I fall asleep, I like to do crosswords on my iPhone. This means that after the lights are out and little man has settled down on his side of the bed, I quietly lie on my side and work on a puzzle until I doze off.

Sloan does not like this. He says the light from my phone keeps him up, and he insists that I turn it off or go out to the couch to use it. I don't oblige him in this case. At eight and a half months pregnant, I am too damn uncomfortable on that couch and I cannot fall asleep unless I occupy my mind with a crossword puzzle in bed. So, basically, I just ignore anything Sloan says after lights out. I do my crosswords and he eventually falls asleep just fine (See? I am so ready to take care of a baby!)

Strangely, Sloan's not okay with this arrangement.

Ignored (usually). No big deal.

However, my cool-as-a-cucumber husband is starting to get pretty mad. I can tell because things have gotten personal.
 Now, I don't doubt that it stinks in there. *shiver* But I still know this text is a bluff for several reasons:
  • The baby can't talk to Sloan. It can only talk to me and the doctor.
  • The baby likes it when I do crosswords in bed at night because that's when he's awake! Also, he's pretty good at them. It's our little thing to do together.
  • The baby specifically told me that he's glad he's not with Sloan all day because he listens to lame music and the jokes he makes at work aren't as sophisticated as mine
Now, I'd never tell those things to Sloan, it would hurt him too much. So instead, after receiving such an emotionally-charged message, I decided to let things slide and turn off my phone. I then laid there and tried to fall asleep for a couple of hours, thinking wistfully about the day that my love will be happy again and I can do crosswords in bed. We'll get there.

We'll get there.


  1. oh man you're hillarious. yeah surprisingly that phone light after lights out is pretty bright. when he's born you can do crosswords while you feed him before bed, and every 3 hours he wakes up at night...btw i decided you should definately get a rocking chair- or a big comfy easyboy. We are so excited for you guys and can't wait to welcome the littlist guy into the world.

  2. This is mom, Jules. Tell Sloan he needs what I have. Richard calls it my "eye bra"! It's an eye mask that blocks out all the light--B,B&B--$15!