Friday, July 29, 2011

Are You Sick of This Baby Yet?

I already know the answer to that: NO I AM NOT SICK OF WARD is the answer if you're a woman/relative of ours. YES BABIES ARE ACTUALLY PRETTY BORING if you're a dude/stranger.

See? Even though now I'm a parent, I'm still down with non-parents. I get it, I'm cool. Down with the jiggy.

Moving on.

Sloan is a good daddy.

Sure he does things like hold the baby upside down by his ankles until he's inconsolable. And maybe he goes a little too far with the cutesy insults ("you adorable little son of a..."), but he's a good dad...deep down. Right? Or something like that. For example, he'll actually nap with the baby, which is probably one of the hardest and most stressful activities for a new parent. Unlike most new dads, he won't even hesitate to take up that task. HOW LUCKY AM I???
Workin hard or hardly working AMIRIGHT?
Buuuuuuuuuut really folks *serious face* Sloan is the man. The man. When baby Ward came home, his daddy wanted to show him the ropes.
The top of the stairs

This was really good, because before we came home, Ward confided in me that he was nervous about living in a new house. He kept asking me about the layout of the apartment, what his room looked like, general square footage, etc. It's almost like Sloan knew.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ward's previously reported sleep position is officially his preferred. See the following exhibits:


  1. Those signs are so funny/so cute! love it! and i love that he sleeps like that! soooo precious! AND your curtains..are those curtains in the background of sloan and baby napping?...theyre amazing, where are they from?

  2. I can't wait to hold him!

  3. Thanks Michelle! I actually just bought the fabric at JoAnn's and made them. And by "made them" I mean I hot glued the fabric onto my old, cheap curtains. Class act.

  4. Love the way you keep Jules on her toes, Sloan! So perfect for her! Let's just hope Ward doesn't out-do you both. But then again, have I mentioned the joys of grandparenting? Love, your M-i-L

  5. I seriously cannot wait until you guys come in town. I'm counting down the days!

  6. he is so so sweet!!!!! Seriously he is such a cutie :)

  7. Julia, little Ward is PRECIOUS!! I cannot convey my sadness that I live in Texas and you live in Utah and we therefore cannot get together and share baby stories, and cuddle each other's babies! I Love reading your blog!

  8. Sick of the baby? Not a chance.

    Also, the way he sleeps is so. cute.

  9. I love that baby boy. LOVE HIM. And there is nothing better in the whole world than napping with a snuggley baby...sigh...

  10. cutie! I love him. I want to see him.

  11. It's Mom, Jules. SO glad that I taught you and Laura how to sew...or maybe that was only Laura. Well, at least you learned to be provident & creative! Yeah, creativity's what I taught ya'll!