Friday, August 5, 2011

What Does It Meeeean?

So one time I read somewhere that babies like music or whatever and that listening to it turns them into baby geniuses. However, when I tried playing various musics for Ward, he didn't really seem into it.

When I tried playing Lady Gaga, I got this:

Then Beyonce:

Switching gears. Regina Spektor?

Belle & Sebastian:

Elliot Smith:

(I kinda get the Elliot Smith dis. He's a pretty big bummer to listen to.)

Realizing that littlest man was not a pop maniac nor a pseudo hipster, I moved on.

Fleetwood Mac:


The Cure:

Hrrrrrrm. I also went ahead and played every song all the way through from Shaq Diesel, Shaquille O'Neal's debut rap/hip hop album, to make sure there wasn't at least one hook Ward liked. I won't show you the pictures of those reactions, because frankly, they were disturbing.

Well, after we both recovered from Ward's ShaqRevolt 2011, there was still one genre left for me to try. I personally love it, but figured Ward would not be old enough to appreciate (kids these days) this music. Turns out he must be something of an old soul.

Ray Charles:

Aloe Blacc:

Nicki Minaj:

Sorry, baby. Cruel joke. Go back to sleep...

Amos Lee:

Earth, Wind & Fire:

Babies can really be a true litmus test for those of you wondering if you have good taste in things such as music, food, clothes, and movies. Next, I plan on showing Ward each of the seven Saw movies to find out which one he likes best. Excited!!

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  1. YAY!!!! how did you know I needed me some Ward pictures?!?!

    That is too funny. Hannah was picky about her music, too, but she preferred funk.