Monday, September 12, 2011


Some babies are sweet and cute, while others don't trifle. They just roll on by on they twankie-fo's...or if they can't afford that, just on dubs. And by dubs, I mean bubs. And by bubs, I mean Bumbo. Straight thuggin.
The bomb bomb diggy.
Last week, I relearned something I already knew: babies are ultra androgynous-looking. I foolishly thought I had the upper hand in this situation because my baby is a boy and the whole problem is that all babies look like boys. This meant that in my case, the default sex was the correct one! It also helped that Ward looks like a tiny and perpetually perplexed old man, because a tiny and perpetually perplexed old man looks like BOY and not like GIRL. And to top things off, I don't even own anything but blue/bluish onesies for him, really cementing his gender representation. I feel like the facial hair helps, too.

Alas, even this combination of factors does not fully indicate that my baby is a boy to some people. I've also learned that I'm too chicken nice to correct people when they tell me I have a beautiful baby girl. I just say, "Thanks. We sure do love her." (I say that last part to ensure the complimentor knows that this baby is loved, despite being a girl who looks like Drew Carey without his glasses.) 

I don't really care when people call my baby a girl, I'm just happy that they talk to me in the first place. Besides, there's always the chance that when Ward's older, he'll like being called a girl...and I'll already be used to it by then.

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  1. The mustache makes him look like a Kung Fu master. Like a sweet, girly Kung Fu master.