Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another masquerade post

Who knew that so much love, laughter, dancing, illumination, revelry, triumph, frivolity, and living could come out of preparing for one little masquerade? Oh, life!

Julia: I want Ward to have a mask, but he'll just get mad and pull it off. Will you draw one on him with my eyeliner?
Sloan: *sigh*
Julia: Pleeeeease? He will be SO CUTE and everyone will be impressed with how well we are able to parent whilst maintaining a youthful, edgy image by doing something unconventional with our newborn!
Sloan: He won't like it.
Julia: But really, does he like anything? He's a wet blanket.
Sloan: Touche.
*five minutes later*
Sloan: Baaaaby! Meet your new masked man!
Julia: Oh dear...

Sloan: Isn't he so cute?
Julia: Well...yeah. I just--
Sloan: Here! Take a picture with him!
Julia: It didn't really turn out how I thought it--
Sloan: Say cheese!!!

Sloan: Oh come on! Let's see that smile!

I love my little juggalo.
P.S. Here we are in the masks we made (Julia: Shiny; Sloan: Creepy) with our friend Holly. Thanks, Holly!


  1. This reminded me of:

    Also, I'm happy to see that more of your sparkly jewels are being put to use!

  2. I made the blog!! Yay!! So good seeing you!

  3. Sweet masks! um Ward reminds me of the Wizard of OZ with those curled up eyebrows and curled mustache. good job Sloan. what more can you expect from a man using eye liner? He did a pretty good job.