Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well that explains it...

Ward is just like his daddy. Only less self-aware about it. We get to hear this about 15 times a day...just listen:

Dr. Farnsworth: Looks like Ward is growing at a perfect rate. Great weight gain!
Julia: Yay! I knew those protein shakes were working!
Dr. Farnsworth: Wait, protein shakes? For him?
Julia: Oh, HAHA, no don't worry! I also give him some of my fries when I go to McDonald's. *serious face* You know, for the carbs.
Dr. Farnsworth: *vigorous head shake* No, no, no. He shouldn't be eating those things.
Julia: Listen, doctor. I don't buy that whole "Atkin's Diet" thing, and neither should you! It's a scam! Dr. Oz had a debunking episode on it last week, I'll send you the link.
Dr. Farnsworth: No, Mrs. Rehder, listen to me: Ward shouldn't be eating any solids.
Julia: Stop giving food to my baby? Is this some sort of sick joke?
Dr. Farnsworth: Only give him your milk. That's all he needs, and it's all he can handle.
Julia: Well, sir, I beg to differ! I'll have you know that he finished off an entire pack of Twizzlers in less than an hour yesterday!
Dr. Farnsworth: Oh dear.

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