Friday, November 18, 2011

Now You Know I am Southern

Today, my Aunt Miriam (namesake) drove my Nanny and Papa the hour to Tullahoma, Tennessee to eat at the Cracker Barrel for Nanny's birthday.
Even though I'm fairly certain you have never accessed the internet once in your entire life, Nanny, I will still wish you a happy birthday right here on this blog. Be expecting my call this afternoon to discuss how the baked apples tasted this time around.

Other ways to tell that I am from the South:
  • I do not pronounce the words "pen" and "pin" differently (because seriously there is just no difference in the sound of those words okay I don't know what everyone else is hearing when they say it)
  • Mosquito bites aren't just mosquito bites; they are a lifestyle.
  • My friends' parents wouldn't let their kids associate with others unless those kids had "accepted Jesus into their life as their Savior and Redeemer"
  • My fourth grade teacher let us watch the OJ verdict in class and threw us a "Free at Last" pizza party when he was acquitted (this is not a joke)
  • I didn't know that wrastling was actually pronounced wrestling until I was about 13 years old
EDIT: Talked to Nanny and here are the updates: 
  • "We got down there and just went wild at Cracker Barrel!"
  • "After eatin' everythin' in sight in Tullahoma, we got to shoppin'. I've just been celebratin' mah birthday all over the place!"
  • "I don't know if ya heard tha news or not, but I sent out mah Christmas cards yesterdee, so be on the lookout."
  • "I sure do appreciate this call, but I have got some birthday recoverin' to do, Juju."


  1. I love it! Here are a few more "southern" things that I have had to let go of, or learn to use the proper "western" counterpart:
    1. Flip Flops- Apparently when you go to Utah, they magically become "sandals" or "thongs."
    2. Rolling Yards- Even here in Georgia, I argue with my non-Southern friends. It is NOT TPing (spelling?) or Toilet Papering. IT IS ROLLING. Toilet papering (or TPing) indicates that I left a few squares of toilet paper in your yard. ROLLING lets you know I have been there, and lovingly decorated your trees and bushes with 72 rolls of the cheapest 2-ply I could find at The Wal-Mart over yonder.

  2. I love it! I talked to Nanny today and I think we had the exact same conversation you did! Oh, there is no's rolling!

  3. She's the classiest southern lady I know who's more informed about everything and everybody than ANYone, even if she uses the term "prosTRate" in place of "prosTAte" when she discusses some poor ole man's declining (or REclining??) condition!--Zannah

  4. My favorite Nanny moment was the look on her face when Mary-Beth tried to give her a pair of bright red Toms, and her very polite but very firm refusal to take them. Hi-larious.
    --- Megan