Friday, November 11, 2011


Now that Ward can (sortofbutnotreally) hold things, we give him a teething ring to play with. And by the amount of time he spends concentrating on getting it to do what he wants, I think it's like the infant equivalent to a Rubik's cube or something. He tries to bring it to his mouth, but he has to have some luck and a lot of momentum on his side in order to accomplish this. Eventually, the ring always ends up like this.

He's not coordinated enough to figure out how to get the ring back down. So, after about 30 seconds of struggle, I guess he just assumes it will just stay there forever and resumes his play while trying to look through his avant-garde baby goggles.

What does this mean about my baby? Is he a whimp? A quitter? Or perhaps just an idiot? I guess only time will tell.

This morning.

This evening.


  1. It means he accepts whatever situation in which he finds himself and makes the best of it. He accommodates hardship well without fussing. It means he will make a great husband for someone just like you. Lord knows Sloan has displayed the same attributes.

  2. Hahahah!! I have to agree with Chief!

  3. so funny, laughing out loud and my husband is wondering what I'm laughing at. i love the last picture how you can see his eyes through his "goggles". don't worry , he'll get it soon enough as his grip and coordination improve.

  4. It means he's far-sighted by about 4 diopters. The boy just likes being able to

  5. okay, i don't actually even know you- i found your blog completely on accident and haven't been able to stop reading it since. you are such a fantastic writer and your posts are HILARIOUS! so, from a totally creeper fan, keep up the good work!

  6. Yes! Brielle, I printed out your comment and had it shrunk down and laminated and now it's a key chain!!!