Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bless You

Julia: oooohmanohmanohman, you missed Ward when he was trying to sneeze!!!! *happy clap*
Sloan: Oh...dang. Once in a lifetime.
Julia: Don't worry! I recorded it! Watch:
Julia: Cuuuute right?
Sloan: I'm sorry, I was so distracted by the fact that you called it "missing" a sneeze.
Julia: *sigh* Here we go...
Sloan: Well, it's just that people lose their sneezes, you know, like they lose their voice. They don't miss it like it's a train that they didn't get on. That would imply that they never had it in the first place.
Julia: Uh-huh. *standing up*
Sloan: And then you said it again after he lost the second sneeze. So it's not like the first time was a mistake on your part...
Julia: *leaves room*

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