Monday, December 5, 2011

Three Outta Four Ain't Bad!

My parents have four children, three of which are talented, well-rounded people who have really accomplished a lot of good in their lives. Let's take a journey.


  • Has a PhD in...mathy-science stuff?? Formulas? A PhD in formulas? That doesn't sound right.
  • Fluent in Spanish because he spent 2 years in California giving people the religion.
  • Works for the government as something lower than the President BUT higher than a janitor.


  • Can clean anyone's teeth with her eyes closed (and sometimes does, so I've heard).
  • Could probably sew an award-winning quilt using only half a yard of fabric and a corn dog.
  • Is capable of repeating phrases an infinite number of times without losing patience. Phrases such as, "Now, [insert child's name] please do not [insert inappropriate behavior here]. Please go apologize using a full sentence. Thank you, and I love you."


  • Dressed like Bob Ross for Halloween when she was six
  • Has, essentially, seen every natural square inch of Knoxville after only one semester at University of Tennessee
  • Actually hurt her neck while carrying a heavy load for her roommate that she insisted she carry

There they are. The good Moore's. But there is one child in that family who, according to relatives, "still needs a little work."
  • Played bass clarinet in high school (and was bad at it).
  • Has accidentally swallowed a rhinestone on more than one occasion.
  • Named her Dungeons and Dragons character Sheva Kardashian.
  • Has a Dungeons and Dragons character.
  • May or may not have been this woman (wasn't me, but LOL guys!!)
  • Spent a recent evening with Sloan looking at a published book of x-rays of people who had inserted items into their...out door (knives and forks, people??? NOT NATURAL):

Before you say anything about the video let me say these things:
  • Shoulda left the hair clip in (hindsight is 20/20, right folks?)
  • Ugh so boring.
  • I recovered so quickly from seeing the disturbing x-ray Sloan showed me from off-camera (phone) because I am brave and strong and the show had to go on.
  • This must be the first time I've ever seen my face from the side, because I am just realizing that my profile is iurftgurjriejkadsopekwadiuresf. But at least now I know.


  1. ok, 1) how is dressing up like a white guy with an afro a talent?
    2) the ability to "sprain" one's neck is possibly the lamest talent that any person could ever have.
    3) Uhm, I believe you are the one who has both the looks AND wit. And frankly that just ain't fair.

  2. ok. Who was selected drum major by the greatest band director ever to lead a band of 260+? Who took German in high school? Who was 5'3" and a volleyball star WHILE being drum major, too? Who actually graduated from BYU and has an amazing job? Who is a great little mommy herself? Who needs her own mommie's reassurance?JULES Love, Mom