Monday, January 9, 2012


I got to dig through old pictures of Sloan while we were on Bainbridge for Christmas. This one is my favorite (mainly because it has major WTF factor).
And while I was looking for naked baby pictures of Sloan to post on the internet because those type of things are always funny through the photo archive of his childhood, it was reaffirmed to me that he has always been a manly man (as if his sweatsuit in the above photo was not already proof enough). Not only did Sloan play 54314519867451 sports, but he has always been tall enough to make the back row in his team photos. Manly.

Also, Sloan's mother saved this little gem from his elementary school days. I am presenting it without comment:
My feet is are like cold white long logs floating on cement. My eyes is are like dart targets getting put in a case. My hands are like shooting stars moving in the universe. My nose is a tall rocky mountain. My heart holds heavy anger that is blue as a sea. I live in light future and eat electricity.


  1. I love how right by heavy anger, he erased the word blood.

  2. Wow, Sloan has some demons doesn't he? Good thing he married such a sunshine-y person as you Julia! Gotta balance that out! lol!!!

  3. Oh my gosh. Tears. I am laughing and I have tears. (Travis says, "She really is," which isn't grammatically correct.)
    I eat electricity.
    I die.

  4. 'Johnsons' are always proud of their feet :) I love that, Sloan was such a deep poet.