Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High School Memories!!

Hey everyone! Julia here, still hanging out at my parents' house in Memphis. MAN we have been having a good time! It's great to--oh wait, what's this? It's my high school yearbook! 


What? Open it? Oh, no, I couldn't possibly. No one really cares--hey! My senior class!

Man, we sure had fun, right guys? Ooh! Here's the volleyball team's page!

Go Mustangs!!

Let's see what else...oh, dear!! This is so embarrassing!

 I had totally forgotten that my old pal Drew and I were voted the wittiest of our class! Ha, not a big deal, guys. Anyway, back to--UGH!

Oh my gosh, I'm not really that smart, it was just that everyone in the class of 2004 was too kind! Anyway, let's move on and see if I can find my friends'--EEK!!

I had forgotten about this one! I remember now, the yearbook staff said it would just be easier if they used the same photo of me for all of my superlatives, poor Drew was dragged into this one, I felt so bad. LOL! Alright, back to looking at...OH MY GOODNESS

 I cannot tell you how mortified I am! I just wanted to take a trip down memory lane, but this is all getting a little too embarrassing! I hate having people know about all of these silly little titles that I won! Let's just put this yearbook back and go look at my old ACT results! Mom has them around here somewhere...I can't even remember what I got! cough 31 cough cough


  1. I should have guessed :) Looking at yearbooks is part fun, part mortifying.

  2. Haha it's amazing what I learn about the Rehders via high school year books. Next post, you should include Sloan's illustrious high school career :)

  3. You forgot Most Humble - I'm sure I remember you being voted in as that also.

  4. Yeah, yeah, and you were drum major of the band and perfect and everyone loved you and the seniors of my freshmen year only knew me as "Julia's little sister" and you got the better ACT score and you got a superlative title and all that jazz. Julia, Julia, Julia!... *clears throat* Sorry, I just had a Brady Bunch moment. I love you deary!