Thursday, April 19, 2012


Julia: *runs into living room, holding laptop* SLOOOOOOAN!! I got linked yesterday and now a lot of people just started reading my blog!!!
Sloan: *playing video game* Oh, that's good, baby.
Julia: I got six new subscribers in less than three hours! That would've normally taken weeks!
Sloan: *still playing video game* Uh huh.
Julia: Don't you get it? *jumps in front of tv* WE'RE GONNA BE RICH!
Sloan: *pauses game* That's not exactly how it works, Julia.
Julia: Oh, I KNOW that's not how it really works!
Sloan: Good, because for a second-
Julia: I'm gonna be the rich one! Not you! *throws laptop into the air* I'm rich!!*crash*
Sloan: *sigh*


  1. Yup, that's how I got here. If you get rich, will you send some my way?

  2. Don't forget me either Julia. Seriously, the stuff you post here is GOLD ;)

  3. And, don't forget who spent three months in bed with premature labor, (and, well, I think I've used that guilt-trip strategy before,) and suffered...on&on&on...Love, Mom