Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Le Sigh

My master plan was to use a few of my recent picture-heavy entries to parlay this "humor" blog (I use the term loosely, seeing as I don't think I'm that funny [I actually do think I'm pretty funny, but how annoying would I be if I admitted that {oh man, I just admitted it «is this what it's like to hold to mirrors up to each other? I'm seriously freaking out right now »}]) into one of those chic lifestyle blogs that all of the pretty young moms have these days. I really thought a few (hundred) of my Instagram filtered-pictures would carry me into internet stardom and that everyone would comment about my clothes and hair and my shapely figure and my eye for sunsets and how good I am at cooking and how they were so jelly of my life and then Victoria Beckham would call me for professional advice and I'd just be like "Talk to my agent, Valerie. Oh, what's that? You're name's Victoria? Okay, whatever, just call my agent because I am very busy with things like meetings and appointments and panels (?) And how did you get my number in the first place, Val?"

And this would be my picture blog that started it all for our fashionable family.
Fashionable. Family.
But then my idiot sister-in-law said that no one reads my blog for the pictures so I should just go back to writing about the stupid stuff Sloan does. And, honestly, I know that if I want to keep my readership in the double digits, I should just do that. *sigh* Well, photo dumps, it was nice while it lasted! But really, who was I kidding? I'm not hip! I mean, it's 2012 and I still don't even know what the Funky Cold Medina is. So, here's to less pictures and MORE LAUGHS amIright?
How Mikyn looks when she laughs


  1. Your blog is hilarious...your pictures and your stories!! And I think that hoodie is in the top 10 for my favorite 'what I wore wednesday' posts!

  2. Lol I can see the resemblance to Mikyn, at least the hair color. . . everything else about that picture is just wrong hahaha

  3. so fashionable and funny. and that's one bad picture of Tori.

  4. okay seriously... you are cracking me up!!! i can do crazy impressions but... thats about it. haha