Monday, July 2, 2012


Sloan: How is the job search going, baby?
Julia: Eh, it's okay.
Sloan: Well, what have you applied for?
Julia: Oh, just some different positions, you know...
Sloan: Yeah, like what?
Julia: Well, I've been in touch.
Sloan: In...touch? With who?
Sloan: *serious face* You haven't done anything to look for a job, have you.
Julia: *sigh* *throws self on floor* I dunno, I kinda thought that if I wrote on my blog that I was laid off  then...some doors would open up.
Sloan: *furrowed brow* You expected a reader to offer you a job? Only your relatives read that thing!! And what kind of job anyway?
Julia: I don't know...maybe like to be on tv or something.
Sloan: Wait, you thought that some powerful person would read your blog, find out that you were looking for a job, and then decide turn you into a celebrity?
Julia: *sits up* Geez, Sloan, not a celebrity! Just, like, maybe a hair model or something. Or a professional writer.
Sloan: Who do you think reads your blog?
Julia: Well, I'm not sure, but I have tracked some IP addresses from New York City and LA, so I thought maybe those were people in know, in the industry.
Sloan: So you're betting our family's future on Tina Fey giving you a call and offering you a job to be a sexy model writer who blogs once a week about your dopey baby and husband?
Julia: Well, I was thinking two or three times a week, but I'd be fine with just a weekly contribution.
Sloan: *sigh*


  1. I take exception to the dopey baby comment by Sloan. Send that baby back over here.

  2. That was me in LA. My parents just moved there :) My dad works for the LA county jail...I'm sure he could get you in somewhere.