Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Sloan: Oh man, my new Groupon app is awesome.
Julia: *groan*
Sloan: There are so many deals!!
Julia: Sloan, it's 1:30 in the morning.
Sloan: I mean, look at this. Baby, turn over and look. Just turn over for a second.
Julia: *sigh* *turns over* And how are you just now hearing about Groupon?
Sloan: They're selling this awesome juicer for HALF of what it's worth! All you have to do is buy the thing on Groupon instead of in a store and you get it for $70 less!!
Julia: A juicer is literally one of the last things we need to buy. I mean, it's probably more useful to us than, like, buying a prosthetic leg...but barely.
Sloan: And they have discounts on events, too! Like this Halloween race thing!
Julia: *claps hands* Oh goody! Only $60 to run the famous "5K Las Vegas Halloween Weekend Urban Obstacle Run Presented by Rampage Races"? I am so there! *looks over Sloan's shoulder* Wait, what are you looking at now?
Sloan: What? Nothing. Oh, I mean, I could get this one for you if you want. I mean, you know, because you girls like this kind of stuff. Here, I'll just go ahead and get this one for you to use.
Julia: What the--
Julia: A brazillian?! Are you insane? I'm too damn old for that stuff! And do you actually think women wax their genitals because they "like that kind of stuff?" *pause* Are you even listening to me? Wait, NOW what are you buying? *reaches for Sloan's phone*
Sloan: Don't look! It's a surprise for you! You're gonna love it!


  1. I love that it specifies the "2pm" Pole Dancing Class. Cuz I bet the night classes are in a whole other price bracket. ;)

  2. I love that the class is at 2 PM...you'll be home in time to show Sloan your new moves :)