Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cyber Makeover!

Sloan: What are you doing over there?
Julia: I'm on this website that lets me try on different hairstyles. I just need to upload a picture of myself with my hair pulled back ...hmmmmm...this one should work.

Julia: Okay...let's see how I'd look with long blonde hair. *click*

Sloan: Eh...okay. This, um, kind of works, I guess...try another one.

Sloan: Yeesh.

Sloan: Oh dear.
Julia: Um, let's try short!

Sloan: Oy. Listen, we need to just stop this right now if I'm gonna have normal dreams tonight.
Julia: K, maybe dark. With bangs!!

Sloan: You kind of look like a man...?
Julia: Just one more try!
Sloan: *silence*
Julia: *shuts off computer*


  1. I did this sort of thing way too much when I was on bed rest. Haha and you look way better as your normal self.