Sunday, September 9, 2012

Running is Funning!!

Julia: *comes in front door* Whew! *panting* What a good run! *pours water on head*
Sloan: Good job, baby! How far did you go?
Julia: *panting* Oh, I'm not a mile and a half. *pours water on head*
Sloan: Wow, and that's two days in a row you've gone running, isn't it?
Julia: Yep! *pours water on head* Welp, I'm gonna go take a bath!
*half an hour later*
Julia: *sits on couch* *turns on tv* *pours water on head*
Sloan: *looking at the computer* Sweetie, I just got an email from Amazon. Did you just order $350 worth of stuff?
Julia: What? No.
Sloan: Are you sure?
Julia: *silence*
Sloan:...because I'm pretty sure you just did.
Julia: I a couple of things.

Sloan: Oh, a shirt about got more shirts?

Rather be Running Sweatshirt
Exercise Jr. Jersey T-Shirt
Runner Chick Fitted Tee Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt
Sloan: Oh dear. *sigh* You know, sweetie, you've gone running two days in a row. And those are also the only two times you've gone running since I've known you.
Julia:*sheepish* Yeah, well now I'm a runner.
Sloan: And you got some stuff for Ward, too, I see.

Rockstar Mom Infant Bodysuit
Infant Bodysuit
Someday with Mommy Infant Bodysuit
Sloan: Yeesh, these are a little creepy if you think about them...
Julia: *annoyed* Whatever. I can't take this negative energy. I'm gonna go run. *puts on shoes*
Sloan: No you're not.
Julia: *slouches onto couch* No, I'm not. I hate running.