Monday, September 17, 2012

Sloan Acting Like a Mikyn Regen

Julia: Ah, finally, I think the casserole is done!
Sloan: I'll get it out of the oven. *CRASH* Uh oh...
Julia: What happened?!
Sloan: It slipped...
Julia: *sigh* UGH! That took me forever to make! Way to pull a Sloan.
Sloan: I know, I'm sorry...wait, what?
Julia: A Sloan. You pulled a Sloan. You Sloaned it up. It's a new saying I'm trying out. It means you screwed it up big time.
Sloan: Why are you using my name?? I hardly ever screw up! You're way worse than me!! Besides, using someone's name like that, you heard that idea on TV!
Julia: So? I can still do it, too. It's a free country. Don't get all Regen on me.
Sloan: Regen? What does that mean?
Julia: It means sassy and bossy, like your sister Regen, duh!
Sloan: But she's not even boss--oh, who am I kidding. That's actually a pretty good one.
Julia: *excited* You like that? I got a lot more! One for every family member!
Sloan: *sigh*
Julia: Being a Laura means getting a little too excited for your own good! And pulling a Richard means taking a joke too far until someone gets hurt and then felling really bad!
Sloan: Will you ever really get to use these in any situation?
Julia: And acting like a Darth is when you seem all quiet and tough but really you're weird and goofy. So, basically, you're always a Darth in public.
Sloan: I think I'm just a Sloan in public.
Julia: No! Remember, a Sloan is a screw up! You're not always a screw up in public, so you're not really a Sloan that often. You're a Darth.
Sloan: I'm surprised you haven't mentioned what a Mikyn is.
Julia: Oh, well, I decided that I will just use Mikyn's name as a general expletive. You know, like, "What the Mikyn is going on here?" or "If you don't shut your Mikyn mouth, I'll shut it for you!"
Sloan: And what is a Julia?
Julia: Oh, pulling a Julia means succeeding in life against all odds, whether it be having to tend to a crazy baby or being the perfect wife to an idiot husband. And looking good while doing it.
Sloan: *scoff* What a crock of Mikyn.


  1. Hahaha! Can I get away with saying I love this without my cousins hating me?!

  2. Julia, the "people getting hurt" part is the funny part. Unless you're a girl, in which case the me "feeling really bad" part is the funny part. Either way, stopping before someone gets hurt just kills it.

    1. Richard, I literally just read your comment four times because I could not understand it. Not sure whose fault that is.

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    3. It's okay, you're just being a Sam. That means "likably clueless".

  3. HA HA HA HA! I want to know what a Pam and an Ed are! :)

  4. I just want to hang out with you guys. You're so funny!

  5. I just want to be your best friend and hang out with you guys. You are so funny!