Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Susie Moore: Saint

Like most people's mothers, my mother is my biggest fan. She laughs too hard at my jokes. She tells strangers much more about my life than they care to know. And during my childhood, she always kept a straight face whenever she told me I was pretty:

Yes, but Susie Moore is not only my biggest fan.

She's pretty much everyone's biggest fan.

Mom sincerely thinks any accomplishment is a great accomplishment. That's why everyone likes her. She is easy to love, she is easy to impress, and while it is wonderful that I have the nicest mother in the world, she's also easy to bait...

Note: Don't forget Mom's southern accent as you read this in your head. I'll help you by adding some pronunciations in parenthesis.
The Scene: At Julia's house, Julia and Sloan are looking through Julia's old yearbook.

Sloan: Wow, your senior picture is...rough...
Julia: Yeah well at least I didn't hold up a map of Middle Earth in my senior class photo.
Sloan: At least I wasn't in the German club.
Julia: At least I didn't run for class secretary and lose.
Sloan: At least I wasn't in band.
Mom: *from kitchen* Hey! ("hay")
Julia: *head shaking* Oh no...
Mom: *walks into living room* Sloan, it might not have been like this on Bainbridge Island ("aye-lund"), but band was very cool at Julia's high school!
Julia: *facepalm*
Sloan: *feigned innocence* Oh, I had no idea! *smirk at Julia*
Mom: They had over 250 members!
Sloan: *gasp* 250??
Julia: Mom...just don't...
Mom: And they won tons  of contests!
Sloan: *overly enthusiastic* Wow! They must have been awesome!
Mom: They were!! And since Julia was the drum major, she was like, the leader of all of them! *widens eyes, sweeps arms out to denote the multitude of band members* 
Sloan: Oh yeah, I forgot you were drum major! *pats Julia on back* My little leader of all those cool people!
Julia: *groan*
Mom: *walking back into kitchen, talking over shoulder* So, while band might not have been as popular to all y'all in Seattle ("See-at-uhl"), just know that Julia was very popular, mostly thanks to band!
Julia: *puts pillow over face*

Me with my three biggest fans: grandma, mom, and baby.


  1. But wait, there's all kinds of dorky, obnoxious people in band...and we learn to love them...maybe that's why you and Sloan get along so well! Compared to what you were used to, he's almost normal!

  2. Yeah you should tell Sloan that Tom was in band in high school. And marching band. So, proof that band was TOTALLY cool! ;)

  3. Bahahhahahahah! I cried the whole way through this blog from laughter...Probably because I understand what it's like to be a maestro of ALL 250 of those awesome people while wearing leather pants and holographic, one shouldered leotards. Also...I cried a few tears of sadness for Sloan because he CLEARLY just doesn't get it. :-) I'll always be here to understand, Julia Gulia. Xo - Beth (Work)