Saturday, October 20, 2012

Party Planning According to Me

October 19th got pretty wild in the Rehder household, because daddy turned 28!

Ward had a blast!
We pulled out all the stops!
I anticipate that people will want to know some of my party-planning secrets now that they've seen how successful Sloan's birthday was, so I'll answer some questions in advance that I'm sure I will get later.

What was on the menu? I planned on making pad thai and cheesecake (separately) for Sloan's birthday dinner, but WEIRDLY he requested that we get those food items from restaurants even though I am super good at cooking things on the burner thing or the ranger thing or whatever it's called. Stover? Is that what it's called? OH YOU KNOW the thing with the circles on top that get red when they're hot!

Where did you get your party supplies?
  • Streamers - Walgreen's
  • Party hats - Walgreen's
  • Cluttered items atop counter -We actually already had those!
  • More streamers - Walgreen's
  • Mirrors on the wall - IKEA
  • Refrigerator - It came with the apartment.
How did you decide on the party's theme? This got a little tricky, since there are so many awesome possibilities for party themes. And it was especially hard because Sloan loves so many things, so there were a million directions in which I could go: Football party? Barbie party? Mermaid party? Dental Anatomy party? I finally settled on a Red and Blue party (not to be confused with a Purple party) because those were the only two colors of streamers they had at Walgreen's.

Is it still considered a party even though it was only you because Sloan and Ward weren't really interested in participating? Oh, I'm sorry, Dr. Partyplanner, I didn't realize we were going to get all scholastic about this. If a party is something that takes willing participants, then I guess it wasn't TECHNICALLY a party for those people who need to use labels.

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  1. It only gets worse! Remember how I'd just put all your gifts under a blanket on the kitchen island instead of wrapping them? Then, voila! Happy Birthday to you!!!---Mom