Monday, October 1, 2012

The Provoker

Sloan: Did you have any nicknames in high school?
Julia: Hmmm...a lot of people called me Julia Gulia. And JuJu. Everyone on volleyball and basketball called me Julio.
Sloan: Ah. So pretty much just plays on your real name.
Julia: Isn't that...what a nickname is?
Sloan: Well, I mean, sure.
Sloan: *clears throat*
Julia: *sigh* Fine. *reluctantly* Did you have any nicknames in high school?
Sloan: *feigned surprise* Me? Oh gosh, I don't know if I can even remember. *places forefinger on chin pensively*
Julia: *shakes head*
Sloan: Oh yeah, let's see. Some people called me Blade.
Julia: No, they didn't.
Sloan: And sometimes I'd get called Slider...Maverick...The Boss...
Julia: Whatever, Sloan.
Sloan:...The Enforcer...Trigger...
Julia: No one ever called you any of these.
Sloan: Oh, and of course, there were the nicknames that were based off of my name, like yours were. Sloanster...
Julia: *ignoring*
Julia: *still ignoring*
Sloan: ...Winston Churchill...Dr. Panda...Judge Dredd...
Julia: STOP IT.
Sloan: *surprised* What, babe? You asked me!
Julia: I only asked because you wanted me--
Sloan: Don't ask, don't tell!!
Julia: What? I wasn't--
Sloan: No, Don't Ask Don't Tell. That was one of my nicknames too.


  1. Oh boy! The conversations you have with Sloan are the best. Where can I find a man like that myself? Haha