Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where do you look when your TV remote is missing?

How I Would Have Answered This Question One Year Ago
I would look for the remote...
...on the side table. between the couch cushions.
...under the couch.
...on the entertainment center.

How I Would Answer This Question Today
I would look for the remote... Ward's crib. the toilet. the other toilet. all of the trash cans. my underwear drawer. the drawer under the oven. the dishwasher. the toilet again.


  1. Rob and I were just having this discussion today. It's like you're in my HEAD Julia!!

  2. lol!! Love it! Kids are fun huh?! ;)

  3. Love that boy in his dad's overalls! And, Jules, we have a pix of you with a comb in your mouth just like that at about that age. That boy's goin'a throw ya'll for a loop with his combo of genes!--Mom

  4. Ok can I tell you something weird? I read your blog cuz I found it on the hundred hour board...anyways. today I'm pretty sure I sat next to mikyn in the library. does this make me a creeper?

  5. Mckinsey, sitting next to Mikyn at the library and recognizing her does not make you a creeper. It just makes you extremely unfortunate. I'm sorry that you had to go through that.