Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Man Who Ruins Everything

The Scene: Sitting on the couch, talking about our 5 year old niece, Kenley.

Julia: Regen was telling Kenley about the dog you guys had as kids, and when she told Kenley the dog's name was Dude, Kenley said, "Dude? That's a sexy name! Was he sexy?" After a couple of questions, Regen figured out that Kenley thought the word "sexy" just meant fancy.
Sloan: Hahaha, oh my gosh, Kenley.
Julia: She cracks me up!
Sloan: Me, too! *chuckle* Ya know, I've always wondered if she is asplenic.
Julia: *furrowed brow* Oh yeah, I wonder that too....
Sloan: *looks at Julia*
Julia: Um...*sheepish* what does asplenic mean?
Sloan: *feigned surprise* Oh,, uh, don't know what it means? I guess I've always assumed everyone knew that asplenia was a form of immunodeficiency, increasing the risk of sepsis from polysaccharide encapsulated bacteria, and can result in overwhelming post splenectomy infection.
Julia: *annoyed face*
Sloan: Ah, poor baby. Don't feel bad. *pats Julia's leg* Sometimes I just forget that you're not as familiar with medical terminology as me. *puts on scrubs for no apparent reason*
Julia: *still making annoyed face*

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  1. Let's get Sloan a "sexy"/(fancy) part-time writer's job on "The Big Bang Theory".--Julia's mom