Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bah! Humbug!

Sloan: Okay, I think I know some cool stuff we can do with everyone when they come out in a couple of weeks.
Julia: Oh...I just thought we'd drop them off at the strip everyday and let them walk around drinking one of those 80 ounce guitar-shaped daiquiris.
Sloan: What?
Julia: Or a maybe one of those Stratoblaster cups? We should be careful though, I hear when the vendors run out of alcohol they just start pouring gasoline into those things. People don't seem to know the difference.
Sloan: *puzzled look* Whatever. Maybe they can do that after Mikyn flies in.
Julia: *takes off glasses* Mikyn?
Sloan: Wait, how did you just take off glasses? You don't even own glasses.
Julia: DID you say MIKYN is coming?
Sloan: I can't believe you found glasses and put them on for the sole purpose of taking them off dramatically. 
Julia: Mikyn, your sister? Mikyn, my NEMESIS? Mikyn, the girl who has Facebook photo albums like THIS?
Sloan: Did you just have that screenshot on hand? Listen, you need to chill out--
Julia: *stomps feet* I thought we agreed to just not tell Mikyn that everyone was coming to Vegas for Christmas!!
Sloan: No one agreed to that, Julia. Besides, she would obviously figure it out the moment she got to Seattle and saw that Mom and Dad were gone!
Julia: Well maybe she would have just thought they moved away or something! You give her too much credit!
Sloan: *sigh* Mikyn is coming, so you're just going to have to deal with it.
Julia: Oh come ON, Sloan, a Christmas with Mikyn isn't Christmas at all! It might as well just be...Flag Day or something!
Sloan: *shaking head* *walks away*


  1. HYSTERICAL!! OH my gosh I LOVE her photo album. So funny!

  2. Jesus pic in the background. haha

  3. I was waiting for someone to notice that!