Monday, December 31, 2012

Mikyn Bombs

Well, we had a portion of the Moore family join us for a Nevada Christmas, as well as a chunk of the Rehder clan (which, coincidentally, is Mikyn's unofficial family title). It was quite fun to have our families here, and of course I made sure to take a lot of pictures! And by "pictures" I mean, "photographic memories that would have otherwise been cherished had they not been unceremoniously ruined by Mikyn L. Rehder but who is even surprised by that."

I mean, think of the greatest photographs of all time, what do they all have in common? Answer: They have no Mikyn.

And take a look at my terrible pictures, what do they have in common? YOU GUESSED IT.

Mikyn bombs.
Mikyn bombs everywhere.
Ward's face explains it all.
The hair. Always with the hair.
Where did she even learn this?


  1. I think if you just chop off her hair the problem would be solved!

  2. Whew! Those Rehder girls know how to let their hair down! Julia's getting the hang of it. Us Moore girls need to move from "ATTENTION" to "At Ease"!