Monday, December 10, 2012

Who's That Fun Dad??

Julia: Oh no, Ward! Look at the scary skull man! He's gonna get you!!
Sloan: *growl*
 Julia: Haha! Good one, babe!
 Sloan: *grrrr* 
Julia: Uh, Sloan, you can stop now. He saw you...
Sloan: *growl*
Julia: It's over, honey. I don't think Ward really care--
Sloan: *GRRRRRR* *swipes at Julia*
Julia: *sigh* Let's go play in the living room, Ward!
*Five minutes later*
Julia: And then the very hungry caterpillar--
Sloan: *growl*
Julia: Oh come on!
Sloan: *grrrrrrrr*
Julia: *sigh*

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