Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas and Our Temple Sealing

My little man made it through his first semester of dental school with a 3.5! I know, I'm surprised, too!

In between semesters, Sloan was off from school for THREE weeks!! He didn't have a thing to do; no homework, no schoolwork, not a care in the world! He just got to spend all of his time with us at home!



Which resulted in the following behavior:
  • Constantly pulling me into closets and trying to make out while shouting "SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!" to Ward who was banging on the door.
  •  Free-style rapping in real-time about how I was cooking dinner. ("Those rolls look gross, but I'ma try a bite/Yep, they was pretty nasty, but I'ma be alright.")
  • After any argument, following me around the house as he held his laptop that was playing "Hard-Headed Woman" by Cat Stevens on repeat.
  • Singing "I Think We're Alone Now" while doing some sort of wiggle-shimmy dance every time Ward left the room.
  • Playing Assassin's Creed 3, then spending the next hour or so lurking around the house, then crouching on top of the couch/washing machine/bathroom counter until Ward or I walk into the room, then jumping at us from above yelling "ASSASSINATE!"
Because it's been so BUSY around here, I totally forgot to tell you all about our trip to the temple last month! Well, we had a date set for our sealing at the Las Vegas temple, which was December 27th. I mainly picked that date because it's my brother-in-law Darth's birthday and I was sick of him hogging it. Darth is seriously so selfish.

A picture of Darth being super selfish.
Running around like he's the only person in the world.
Doin' whatever the HELL he wants.
Wow, Darth. Time to grow up and take on some responsibilities.

Anyway! Our parents came down to Las Vegas and we all spent Christmas together. Then, when December 27th rolled around, I woke up, looked at my temple clothes hanging on the door, and I realized I couldn't go through with it.

Just kidding.

I went through with it. I felt completely assured and relaxed the entire time, in fact. It really made me happy that I did it on my time. I'm especially glad that everyone in my life was totally cool with that, too. Do I wish that my path had been straighter and narrower? Well, yeah. Obviously. What kind of question is that?


December 27th was a lovely day that I would relive a thousand times. I even have a picture of that day on my phone background so that I can gaze lovingly upon my eternal family wherever I go.

Oh! Wait, I got a text...

*shakes fist at sky* MIKYN!!


  1. Julia, you crack me up :) I love everything you write. Haha. And your little eternal family is so so cute!

  2. Love it. All of it. You look lovely!