Sunday, January 20, 2013


Since Ward has figured out that things exist and some of those things hold liquid that can be sipped, no vessel is safe. Waste baskets, measuring cups, an empty can of black beans pulled from the trash can. And he doesn't seem to care if there is actual liquid in these things...he acts exactly the same after tippin back an empty Triscuit box as he does when drinking his milk (he smacks his lips and lets out a big satisfied sigh like he's in a Coke commercial).
Gravy boat
Okay, this is an actual cup.
But it's just full of Cheetoh's.


  1. Finally got cold enough even in Las Vegas, I see, that you had to make that boy wear shoes!--Mom

  2. Look at his cute boots! He's like a little mountain man! Also, I appeared to have lost your phone number, but... Joe and I are coming to Vegas for a weekend toward the end of February and want to visit you!