Thursday, January 31, 2013

EDIT: Let's Go For a Drive!

EDIT: A voice mail I got from my mom this morning: "Julia, it's mama. I just read your latest blog sounds like Sloan was really mad at you during this fight. Was he mad or was he joking? You know how hard it can be to read into stuff on the internet. Anyway, please call me, I'm worried." MOM DON'T WORRY.

Julia: *reading GPS* Okaaay, next you'll be turning left onto Tropicana in about half a mile.
Sloan: Onto what street?
Julia: Tropicana.
Sloan: *confused face* I've never heard of that street?
Julia: *eye roll* Oh, you've never heard of the second busiest street in Las Vegas before?
Sloan: I mean, I've heard of Charleston, Sahara, Trop, Buffalo...
Julia: Trop? That's Tropicana!
Sloan: What? Well, baby, it's time you learned how to talk like a local.
Julia: I've NEVER heard anyone call it Trop, and I know more about this city than you do!
Sloan: Listen, I don't want to argue, but you should be aware that you sound absolutely ridiculous and insane when you call it Tropicana.
Julia: No, I don't!
Sloan: Whoa! Cool it, mamacita!
Julia: *perplexed* But...I'm not--
Sloan: *hands up* Calm down, cranberry sauce!
Julia: *quietly* Sloan, please stop it. *clenched fists*
Sloan: *yelling* Chill out, Chula Vista!!
Julia:  *controlled breathing* I'm not mad, I'd simply like you to stop telling me to--
Sloan: *slams on brakes* *grabs Julia's face* Listen, you need to take it down about five notches, then bring it back up one, and then drop it all the way down to zero. ASAP.

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