Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mom of the Year

Sloan: *comes in door* Whew, what a DAY! I am beat! What did you and Ward do today?
Julia: Oh man, we did so much stuff!
Sloan: Good for you! To be honest, I was worried that you were sitting around all day letting him take hundreds of pictures of himself on your iPhone again...
Julia: *SCOFF* What?! No way! Ha! I definitely did not sit in bed and let Ward push the camera button over and over.
Sloan: Well, that's good, baby. So what all did you do? 
Julia: *nervous* What's that?
Sloan: I said what all did you do today?
Julia: Oh, well, we just did so much today, I don't know where to start!
Sloan: *puzzled* Anywhere! Just...start anywhere.
Julia: Well we, uh, took a nice long walk to the park!
Sloan: Fun! Did he go down the slide by himself?
Julia: *shifty eyes* Uh, yeah! Man, we were both just runnin around like crazy. Very active. Not sedantary.
Sloan: And then what did you do?
Julia: Oh...? You want me to keep going? About our very busy day? Okay, well then we, uh, we rode our bikes!
Sloan: Oh really? Because you don't have bikes. Neither of you. Let me see the photo album on your phone.
Sloan: *sigh*

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  1. So, look: we need to be best friends. Why aren't we???????