Monday, April 22, 2013

Ward's Unrequited Love

This is Bruiser (Boo Boo), the Moore Family dog. 

Boo Boo is a great dog. We've had him for about ten years and he's from a rescue shelter, so we don't actually know what kind of dog he is. And I don't know much about dogs in general, but if I had to guess what Boo Boo was...well, from the looks of him, he's just a wolf. However, from the acts of him, he's a big ole dumb teddy bear. Those are both dog breeds, right?

Most of my nieces and nephews are apprehensive around Boo Boo because of his size and propensity to lick faces, but Ward loves Bruiser. Loves him. WUBS HIM.

It's sort of a problem.
For perhaps the first time in his dog life, Bruiser has encountered a child who has more affection for him than vice versa. A child who outlasts him in the playful department. Long after Bruiser has had his fill of playtime, Ward continues following him around, rubbing his face on his tail and saying "BOO BOO HAHAHA." I didn't know dogs could look particularly annoyed until I saw Bruiser and Ward interact. And while I was looking through pictures of our trip, I realized how many photos I had of Ward stalking Bruiser. So. This seemed like the most obvious direction in which to go.


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  1. Priceless!!!! Please figure out a way to send Michelle a hard copy of this, Jules. It'll make her week! Love, Mom