Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to My Baby

Mother's Day is a time to remember the best parts of motherhood. The clean rooms, the sweet kisses, the easy dinners, the cooperative grocery store trips. And for me, it's not hard to remember every one of those moments, because I think they all total about 3% of my parental experience.
When Ward walks up to me, earnestly tugs my hand to his mouth and puckers up, I make room in my mind to remember the sweet kiss he's about to give me. Then he actually just drools out a chewed-up cricket into my palm while making a face that says, "This dead bug doesn't taste like candy, so it's your problem now." This inevitably leads to the the familiar parental conundrum in a public setting if I'm lacking a tissue: "Why don't I see any trash cans? Should I just fling this into the bushes? Wipe it on the ground? YES LADY I SEE YOU WATCHING ME SO I WILL JUST HOLD ON TO IT I GUESS."

And sometimes my hard days with Ward turn into hard nights with Ward and then I put Ward to bed and I eat three Big Macs and it doesn't help as much as I thought it would because I just miss Ward even though he spent all day acting like a Ward. But that's all I want; I want Ward. I want to always be with him.

Ward, your mom loves you. In a few years when you forget what life was like hanging out as a baby with mom, these pictures will help you (and me) remember:

Your mom lends you 
her muumuus.
Your mom photographs your 
unconventional sleeping positions.
Your mom loves watching you 
savor sweet bread.
(and loves you anyway).
When you are playing, your mom 
stealthily dresses you so as 
not to disturb your fun.
Your mom forces you to perform 
stupid human tricks while 
riding in the elevator.
Your mom wants you to smile for JUST ONE picture.
Your mom lets you try on every hat in every store even though it takes FOREVER and you end up running out the door with one on and the alarms go off and things get awkward for everyone involved.
But most of all:
Your mom loves you.



    Now I feel like a bad mom for not posting anything... yet. :)

  2. Wow Ward is super cute. I have never had the cricket experience yet...maybe it's a boy thing:) Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Ugh, I love this child. And you. Keep it up.

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  5. In case you didn't know, we have been avid followers for at least a year! We look forward to every post! So fun to have you come for a short visit and please know we are TOTALLY serious about the invite to come anytime. :)