Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Edward the Eccentric

Ward is getting to an age where he does weird stuff...stuff that only babies can get away with. For instance, every day while he wanders around the house playing with his toys he mumbles "Pancake. Pancake? Pancake. Pancake! Pancake," to himself in varying tones. He also has this bizarre mission to open the refrigerator door as wide as any door has ever been opened, so when the door reaches its maximum, um openness(?), Ward refuses to accept that and he gets all Bruce Willis about it, throwing his weight into condiments shelf, which then falls and suddenly everything is about how the ketchup is now in reach and HE WANTS CHICKEN NUGGETS. And since he's a two-year-old, I just laugh and say "KIDS, AM I RIGHT?" as I nudge the imaginary friend sitting next to me on the couch and then we start talking about Chaucer while I get a glass of water because silly me how did I forget to offer a drink to my guest when they first came over I must be the most dreadful hostess on the planet!

I wish I knew what was going on in Ward's head. I mean, I know what's going on in there, he OBVIOUSLY has a brain, and--well I guess I don't actually know if he has a brain since I haven't cracked open his skull and seen it myself. What if he doesn't have a brain?! What if there's...just...like a wad of rubber bands in there? Or maybe a Tamagotchi pet! That would explain a lot, actually.

Like most kids, Ward loves slapstick. He thinks it's comedic gold when I fall down the stairs or stub my toe (even though it is not funny you guys). One time I tripped on our kitchen rug and pulled a dining chair down on top of me while Ward watched from his high chair. He laughed so hard that he started choking, which made him throw up. And then he kept laughing.

I wish that weren't a true story.
It is nice to make your baby laugh, though. And you don't have to be too creative either because they will laugh at the same thing over and over for hours days weeks a long time. This is also a nice little ego boost for parents because I don't know about you but when I try to be funny in general, I don't get a lot of laughs from people other than toddlers. Did I say me? I meant my friend. My friend doesn't get a lot of laughs from people other than toddlers. Oh, haha, don't you worry about me! Because I DEFINITELY get the laughs! I bring down the house! *high fives self*

I have looked forward to when this baby would start doing tiny person things, and now that he is, I almost feel paralyzed with excitement every time he does something new. I get teary-eyed and I hear the song We are the Champions in my head and then I get all verklempt. And honestly, I don't know if my heart can continue taking all of the happiness thumping, but if I live through the maternal wonderment of Ward's toddler years, then I can handle anything!


  1. We'll have those PANCAKES next week, Ward when you come to my house. And BOOBOO !!

  2. Jules, this is Mom. This is my 5th try to comment so if it doesn't work this time, I'll just call you!!!! Anyway, I wanted to say that I felt that same kind of love and wonderment with each of you, except I let Dad do all the slapstick. (I broke bones when I fell!) Now for the parental wisdom: You think this part is good, just wait: more kids = more memories or in our case, Moore kids...; everything grows exponentially but don't worry because your heart grows, too.

  3. Thank you for writing your blog! I'm a complete stranger who stumbled on your posts through facebook, but it's really helped me out! You see, I recently had an ectopic pregnancy rupture one of fallopian tubes, and I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was in the hospital with severe pain and internal bleeding. The whole ordeal was overwhelming and even though my husband and I always planned on having kids, ever since my emergency surgery, I've been a little scared that maybe I can't handle the rough patches and changes and sleepless nights that are part of having children. But then I read your blog and the way you find humor in the mundane and ordinary showed me that it can't all be bad, and maybe it's even worth the problems ;) Thanks!