Monday, July 22, 2013

[A title that uses a pun involving the name 'Moore']

For those of you who want to know what makes a family reunion a family reunion and not just some wimpy get together, there are certain family reunion criteria that must be met:
  • Matching family t-shirts
  • A 5:1 (per pound) ratio of food to people
  • Matching family t-shirts
  • Matching family t-shirts
Because we met the criteria this year (WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS WE HAD MATCHING FAMILY T-SHIRTS), the Moore's were officially reunioned a couple of weeks ago at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Pikeville, TN.

*cue banjo* WELP, all mah daddy's kin drove from all over yonder (Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia) and we spent the week in cabins trying to out-redneck one another. It was a close contest...
...but Uncle Rick won.
Besides talking about the Tennessee Vols and "the lib-rahl media," we did a lot of adventuring those first couple of days at Fall Creek Falls...
We hiked!
We swam!
We baseballed!
We protected granny perms!
We listened to granddad jokes!
And we all had heart attacks and died 
thanks to Elijah!
Sunday and Monday were great! Oh MAN we were having a blast! But when everyone woke up on Tuesday morning, we were all like AW SHUCKS.
(It was raining)
It was really disappointing to postpone our spelunking plans and tee times. It kinda reminded me of that one night I invited my all of my girlfriends over for an ironic viewing of Spice World and no one came but I still watched the whole movie because its about the principle of the thing (interestingly, the next week I held an ironic viewing of Paris Hilton's movie The Hottie and the Nottie and everyone showed up for that one. I'm not judging my friends or anything, I'm just observing is all). *ahem* Anyway, on what will forever be known as That Day At The Reunion When It Rained, the Moore's passed the time indoors.
We played cards.
Sat in a box.
And loafed about in general.
It was nice to have a lazy day, but we all went to bed that night excited to resume our busy schedule. The next morning, everyone woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, pulled on our hiking boots, packed our trail mix, and walked out to smell the crisp morning air! Except.
It was still raining.
(Still raining.) 
 By this time, cabin fever had begun to set in, especially with the babies.
Ward started actually laughing
at Uncle Richard's jokes.
Olivia wore boy's dirty
And things were
getting weird in the box.
Luckily, the weather let up on the last day (JUST KIDDING, IT DIDN'T!) so we were able to neatly pack all of our dry belongings into the camper and drive home without a problem everything smelled like a toadstool.

We still had fun, though, and that is because our family can have fun anywhere...even trapped at the bottom of a well! Or marooned on a desert island! Or middle Tennessee! (Which is a good thing because we were in middle Tennessee.) I mean, doesn't every family have fun when it's a grab bag of Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, and Mormons? Oh...some don't? Well, this is awkward...DID I MENTION MATCHING FAMILY T-SHIRTS??


  1. I grew up in Middle Tennessee, and have fond memories of giving my family members heart attacks in some of those exact spots.

    I've never had that much fun in a cardboard box, though.

  2. The Moore the Merrier.
    Moore like a dream.
    Moore better than you.
    Less isn't always Moore.
    Moore fun than you can imagine.
    Moore family means Moore memories.
    We're gonna need Moore t-shirts!
    Moore than words and pictures.
    Moore than a feeling.
    Please sir, can I have some Moore?

  3. Why, Joe Walz! You are Moore clever than I ever imagined! And Jules, as always, every blog is Moore better than the last! (?) OK. I'm through for now. Love, Mom

  4. Love, love, love the three pix of PaPa! That is SO him and he's 92! Love, Mom