Monday, September 30, 2013

Bubba the Strollerboy!

I bought my baby a stroller a couple of weeks ago. Sloan was all like, "You're just doing this to impress your hipster friends because it's cool to reject gender roles now," and I was all like, "Rejecting gender roles? What? I'm just buying a stroller," even though Sloan is actually 300% right about my motives (I can admit that on here because Sloan doesn't read my blog. Heck, I'm not sure he even knows it exists...or that I exist...or that we're married, considering I've never actually met Sloan, I've just created our marital relationship through this blog using stolen photos of his little family and photoshopping my face onto his real wife's body. WHAT JUST KIDDING HA GUYS please don't call the police I can't go back there again.)

To say that Ward likes his stroller is an understatement.
To say that he loves it is an understatement.
To say he would rather see me thrown out of an airplane than that stroller is, also, an understatement.

The stroller goes pretty much everywhere Ward goes...except for church because I have to draw the line somewhere. Like every other kid, Ward needs to learn that going to church is about being bored, and if I don't teach him that now then later on in life he'll end up swingin around naked on wrecking balls or twerking on TV like that Wiley Cyprus character, and I don't like her behavior one bit.

It doesn't interest Edward to actually put a 'baby' in his stroller. I've tried sticking dolls in there, but he gets annoyed and throws them on the ground with this sort of "who the HELL put this in here??" attitude. I'm slowly figuring out it's because he essentially thinks of his stroller as a portable chair, so of course he doesn't want to put anything in it...then he wouldn't be able to sit in it, and that would defeat the whole purpose of schlepping it around in the first place.
And, I guess, any extra cargo would also hinder his offroading capabilities.
And that's important to him.

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  1. Connor loved his stroller too. But he loved to push tools and balls around as his 'babies '