Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Latest Haps!

The Rehders have been pretty busy around here packing away our summer clothes, then getting them back out every few days because 80 degrees in November! Worry not, however, we have been doing a few other things besides putting on sweatshirts then stepping outside and immediately forming pit stains the size of dinner plates.

Okay...I guess we really haven't been doing much else.

You may be wondering why I sound so healthy, and let me tell you why: a few weeks ago I started a new diet and exercise regime! I don't want to give away all of my secrets, but I WILL tell you that my new lifestyle involves Halloween candy,  five year old pairs of Spanx, and long crying jags in the shower. I'm not seeing major results yet, but I'll keep my shoulder to the wheel until those numbers on the scale start to drop! Then I'll probably quit (that's how I usually do it).

In other news, Sloan and I have settled into a nice routine of his coming to me on a weekly basis and pleading with me to stop spending money by trying to calmly explain student loan interest rates (which is an ironic term because there is NOTHING interesting about them). I think it's really sweet of him to hold out hope of my cooperation, but seriously, those over-sized picture frames, rolls of sequined trim, and ceramic owls are not going to collect themselves! *chuckles* Men!

As for Ward, he's been busy perfecting the art of the tantrum; and he gets ample opportunities to practice. "You cannot sit on that Chihuahua. Stop shoving your shoes into the exhaust pipe! No, you can't push that homeless person down the slide. DO NOT KISS THE PIGEONS."  But for as many tantrums as he throws, those are still preferable to the times when he acts simply devastated when he hears me say no.
Right when he heard me say, "Nope, 
no park. You're taking a bath."

This is why Ward typically gets whatever he wants.