Friday, December 6, 2013

Rehder Family Eye Candy

We got all hussied up (that was supposed to say 'gussied up' but I like the typo better) for family pictures a few weeks back, and anyone who knows Sloan (so, like, five people) is probably wondering how I was able to coerce him into doing this at all, let alone on a Saturday afternoon during football season.

Well, obviously, I did what every wife does and employed my own proprietary blend of nagging, threatening, and promising of sexual favors to win his cooperation. Who says women can't get what they want? Feminism, yeah! *high fives self*

And as whiny as husbands can be when it comes to acting all Stepford Wives for just three seconds in front of the camera, babies are worse. But that's not news to anyone, is it? I mean, HEAVEN FORBID I try to get this little pudding pop to smile for a picture in his nice clothes before we go to church where he will eventually have taken them all off by the end (three hours is a long time, people!)
But somehow we pulled it off. I credit my pal Ashley for scrambling around the desert brush and remembering to flip onto her back whilst tumbling down gravelly cliffs in order to protect her (probably unamused) bun in the oven, all while Sloan Ward threw one fit after another. Pictures might steal your soul, but they sure are not fun to take! Wait, that doesn't sound right.

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