Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been busy rolling my eyes, yawning and having writer's block. The creative process for me is akin to folding a fully-functional origami motorcycle with my nine toes. Oh well, at least I'm lazy and that counts for something! 

I recently joined a book club and it only took me one chapter to remember why I don't read books...
Books are emotional manipulators. They sit on your nightstand, watching you sleep, and they clasp their little hands together awaiting the moment you read something heart-wrenching in their pages and you'll cry and they'll be happy. And then, inexplicably, you continue reading the sad story and things start getting a little happier and you think oh good here's the pay off  but then you fall into another sadness pit and your book is satisfied. 
"But Julia, you graduated from college with a literature degree! How can you not like reading books?" That's a good question! Actually, NO it isn't! I just freaking TOLD you! Did you not just read what I said? Honestly why do I even bother.


  1. Dawson crying is really the gift that keeps on giving. As for reading, I have TWO degrees in English and I don't like reading emotionally manipulative books. Which is why I now read a lot of non-fiction and only a little fiction. Life is too short to cry over imaginary peoples' imaginary problems.

  2. I get mad when I invest in characters and don't feel like I get enough closure. I need epilogues apparently. I want to know that their fake lives are happily ever after until they die.

    I also hate how all series end. Like, I hated how Harry Potter ended, Mockingjay Ended, and even Alligent. I guess when I've invested in a series, no matter how it ends I'm going to hate it. Clearly, I too should give up reading.